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Mock Angel Food Cake

1 loaf day-old uncliced bread
3 cups coconut (shredded or flaked)
3 tall (14 oz.) cans condensed milk

Trim crusts off unsliced bread and slice 3/4 inch think. Then cut into strips 3/4 inch think. Dip in condensed milk until each piece is well covered and then roll in coconut. Toast over an open fire on a toaster. (Can also be baked in a reflector oven.) When done it will taste like angel food cake. Save bread crusts for cooking purposes. For variation, the pieces may be rolled in cocoa and sugar, or cinnamon and sugar, instead of coconut.

Angels On Horseback

24 slices of bacon
24 1-inch squares of American cheese
24 buns or rolls

Wrap a square of cheese in a thin slice of bacon. Pierce a stick so it hold bacon securely and broil over the coals, turning in order to keep cheese from dripping into fire. Have roll ready to make samdwich as soom as bacon is ready.


Bacon Twisters: Cook bacon, which is twisted areound end of stick. Cover with dought and bake. Eat as bacon Sandwhich.

Hamburger Twisters: Cook hamburger on end of stick until it is golden brown. Cover with dough and bake. Eat as sandwich.

Jam or Jelly Twisters: Cook a bread twister, slip it off the stick, and fill the hole with butter and jam or jelly. Be sure that the dough covers the end of the stick so there will be a closed end to the twister.

Cheese and Raisin Twisters: Cook a bread twister, slip it off the stick, and fill the hole with raisins and shredded cheese or cottage cheese.

- From "Girl Scouts - Totem Council Day Camp Staff Program Manual"
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